Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Strategy That Will Make You a Winner

Being a guru in Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is dependent on your ability to read your opponents. Know how to realize when they have a weak hand and strong hands to adjust accordingly. However, the following basic strategies will help you more: 

Two Things to Remember

It is easy to be swayed by the fun in this game until you forget the significant things to pay attention to. The following are two basic rules to always remember:


  • The face-up cards are community cards. They are shared by you and other players. Focus on what the cards could mean to the other players the same way you evaluate what the cards could mean to you. Pay attention to your opponent's possibilities of straight and flush.
  • The two cards that you hold are the ones gat make you stand out. They are the cards that give you the chance to win.


How to Evaluate Your Cards

In Hold ‘Em Poker game, the decisions you make is dependent on your two cards. Be emotionless not to reveal your two cards to your opponents. That is, take care of your non-verbal cues. The following are the ways to know if your card is helpful:


  • If you have two non-pair cards that are less than 10, consider folding them before the flop. These cards give you a possibility for a straight or a flush.
  • If the big blind is low, pay in to see the flop even if you do not have strong cards. However, abusing exceptions to this rule may land you in trouble.


Almost all the strategies in this game depend on the two cards in your hand. If you have poor hands, for example, 5-8, 2-6, 4-9, use them to get good hands. 

The Flop

Do not be afraid to cut losses if you see the flop. If there are seven players on the table, two pairs of cards or better are mostly the winning hand. Get out of the hand if you do not have a high pair, and you have a low probability of straight and flush. Nevertheless, you have the potential of a strong hand as the number of players reduces.Being the first to bet after the flop helps you in two ways:


  • You can see one more card without putting more into the pot if your hand is weak
  • You can convince an opponent that it is weaker than it is.


Another strategy is not to allow yourself to be drained with a weak hand. You can get out of the game before you lose too much money. 


Texas Hold ‘Em poker is a game of chance. With the right strategy, you have a high possibility of winning. The above information is all you need to know to shine at the game.